Off to a Flying Start: Turning Revenues and Obtaining Subsidies

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KEIRON develops laser-assisted additive manufacturing equipment for the industry of printed electronics.

June 15, 2021

KEIRON is turning its first revenues in 2021

Startups faced challenging times during this pandemic so far. Missing out on large-scale events, face-to-face contact, and the inability to work alongside your colleagues at all times. This also means that many of the conversations you would have with industrial partners and clients now take place online.

Nevertheless, Keiron Printing Technologies succeeded in turning its initial revenues this year! The team has been vastly involved with its industrial partners, and it is exciting to see the commitment from multiple sides to push this novel additive technology forward. For the founders, this is a great achievement which proves that the industry is waiting and in need for revolutionary production equipment.

We have been working hard from the beginning. With the pandemic seriously crippling some of the activities vital to a startup, to start turning initial revenues for us is just another showcase of how strong we are when we work as a team. The subsidies we got granted are of incredible help, but to have clients willing to invest in Keiron’s development is tremendous.

Jimmy Sy-A-Chin, CEO
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Keiron has already received various subsidies that have helped in progressing development of its solution for the printed electronics industry.

What’s Next for KEIRON?

So what’s next? According to CCO Marco van Hoorn, it is crucial for Keiron to fulfil its current orders for development work to the team’s best ability. “We highly appreciate the trust we have received, and by all means we will do our best to make the collaborations between us and our partners worthwhile. This is our time to show what we are made of and that we will, no matter how challenging, work to find a solution to the issues they are facing”. The company is looking to expand its influence among a multitude of markets.

“The industry of printed electronics is one in which the surface of potential applications have merely been scraped”. With technologies such as inkjet and screen printing being a popular choice for industrial production purposes, the founders believe their equipment adds another flavor that has the potential to dominate the market. The reason for this is the fact that their equipment, like screen printing, can work with high viscous materials, but grants its users digital freedom as they know it from inkjet printing. “There is no need for a mask which makes small volume series a lot more profitable for manufacturers”, says Marco. “That’s not all! But the laser enables you to print around and over objects. That is something unique. Especially when you can do it on a rapid pace.”

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True digital freedom allowing on-the-fly changes to designs.

The startup is now raising funds to develop its first tool to start in-house production and sampling services. To do so, they are aiming to obtain national and regional funding options, but remain open to the idea of a seed investment. The early stage funding is crucial for the startup to develop tooling critical to its operations. For the future, Keiron Printing Technologies is still on the lookout for an industrial partner that wants to bring Keiron’s high volume production equipment to market together.

Pictures: Jimmy Sy-A-Chin, Marco van Hoorn, Stefan van Waalwijk van Doorn

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