Keiron Printing Technologies secures investment from to accelerate Laser-Assisted Printed Electronics

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KEIRON develops laser-assisted additive manufacturing equipment for the industry of printed electronics.

September 7, 2021

The First Investment: Steps In! venture capital, based in Amstelveen, the Netherlands, is teaming up with Keiron Printing Technologies to fuel its rapid growth and support the company’s efforts to bring laser-assisted deposition equipment to the printed electronics market. In July, the two parties signed an agreement which grants the start-up funding to accelerate its technical development and commercialization.

Celebrations are in order as Keiron looks back on a challenging yet exciting two years which began with HighTechXL’s venture building program in September 2019. Having overcome numerous challenges and the uncertainty brought about by the global pandemic, the team has come to a point where funding is racking up.

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[Keiron in 2019 during the HTXL program]

Success: The Only Option for Keiron

From the outset, the founders viewed success as their only option. Against a backdrop in which digital communication became the standard, Keiron was able to settle into its online environment quickly and seamlessly. CEO Jimmy Sy-A-Chin believes the team has become stronger as a result. “It is so important for a startup to operate in an environment in which you can communicate closely and celebrate the small wins on a weekly and daily basis” says Jimmy. “If that falters, you have to create a new fundamental basis upon which a team can rely, and I believe the lessons we learned in this period will continue to have an impact in the years to come.”

Marco adds: “We started out by renting a small space of just 22 sqm and made that our office. It had a real startup feel to it.” He laughs and continues: “It is quite a story if you ask me. The amount of funding we accumulated in that tiny room will go down in Keiron’s history as the golden start”.

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[Keiron’s first office at the High Tech Campus] recently had the opportunity to see the core technology that Keiron works with LIVE at Holst Centre’s facility at the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven. The partners were thrilled to see the technology in action. That is to say thrilled about what they could see, Blink once, and you might miss the show. Hence the term printing electronics with the speed of light.

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[Forward.One visiting Keiron at Holst Centre’s lab facility]

Multiple Funding Opportunities Closed: So What’s Next?

Just a few days before the agreement between and Keiron was signed, the startup was granted the NWO Take-Off Phase 2. This means that in addition to developing an Alpha Tool, the startup can execute upon its strategy to accelerate its growth. The team’s expansion will see it recruit the required talent and acquire company assets essential to its development. Keiron Printing Technologies will continue to seek out new ways to acquire funding and take part in smart innovation projects where the technology it brings to the market can be a gamechanger. Even more importantly, in the coming months, it will have its own equipment installed at the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven. This will provide huge momentum to the company’s efforts to showcase its laser-assisted deposition technology and bring it to the printed electronics market.

Pictures: Stefan van Waalwijk van Doorn, Jimmy-Sy-A-Chin, Robin van Boxsel, Viktor Tjsebanov, Team KEIRON, HighTechXL, High Tech Campus, Holst Centre

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