Semi-Automated Laser Induced Forward Transfer Tool for Printed Electronics Applications

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KEIRON develops laser-assisted additive manufacturing equipment for the industry of printed electronics.

January 27, 2022

First KEIRON Lab Tool is a Major Achievement

Since closing their first investment deal in July 2021, Keiron Printing Technologies has been busy developing their lab tool based on Laser Induced Forward Transfer (LIFT) technology. Having faced some issues in their supply chain, the company is now starting to finalize its highly anticipated tool’s development.

With the field of printed electronics rapidly gaining industrial interest, the team of KEIRON could not be happier with their first-ever lab tool. This semi-automated LIFT tool implements fundamental improvements over its core process and will allow for the company to carry out research and development activities at a rapid pace.

Transition into High Volume Manufacturing

The knowledge and experience the company will gain through the use of this lab tool will be useful for the next phase of its roadmap. KEIRON has already begun preparations for their industrial BETA tool last year and will be transitioning its equipment development focus on high throughput applications in the field of electronics manufacturing.

KEIRON aims to make their BETA and high volume equipment easy to integrate into existing production lines, and looks forward to setting up pilot projects with industrial partners. The company believes that the technology has far from reached its full potential, and imagines incremental improvements in its equipment over time as the company matures.

Joining the Organic and Printed Electronics Association &TechBlick

Keiron Printing Technologies is glad to be joining the leading international industry association for organic and printed electronics (OE-A). With the association having entered important industry sectors such as consumer electronics, automotive, and healthcare, becoming a member seemed more than logical for the company as it fits with its current roadmap.

Organic and printed electronics is an emerging industry that is rapidly growing, and OE-A aims to strengthen and develop the industry through various activities. It is a working group within VDMA, the Mechanical Engineering Industry Association, of which KEIRON has also become a proud member.

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KEIRON has also decided to become a member of TechBlick, which is the the home of the global emerging technology innovation community. To be more actively involved with the organization that organizes events and brings insights to what is new in the industry is a real added value to the company. KEIRON is looking forward to a great collaboration between the named associations and themselves.

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How KEIRON’s Solution will Contribute to Printed Electronics

Within the field of printed electronics, various processes can be used to deposit materials. However, conventional methods such as inkjet and screen printing know limitations. LIFT technology combines the best of both worlds, being a digital printing method that can deposit highly viscous inks over flat and uneven surfaces.

KEIRON is one of the first in its tracks to bring Laser Induced Forward Transfer to the industry of organic and printed electronics and aims to become a leading LIFT equipment supplier. With their eyes locked on scaling up, KEIRON is going full steam ahead and ready for a challenge.

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