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Keiron Printing Technologies is bringing a novel, laser-assisted production method to the market for the deposition of conductive traces. You are enabled to print materials such as Copper and Silver with groundbreaking speeds of over 1,000,000 dots per second, with microscopic resolutions and accuracy. Learn more about our services on this page.

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Printing Electronics with Lasers

Keiron Printing Technologies can be your production partner when it comes to the fabrication of interconnects, be it for complex PCB’s, medtech products, semiconductor devices, or perhaps a different product. With Keiron, now is the time for printed electronics.

Innovate with Lasers

We can brainstorm and discuss with you on how to bring your next product to the market using our novel laser technique. This ensures the right fit from an early stage, assuring you can rely on our equipment in the future.

Outsourcing or in-house?

Our equipment will be be easy to integrate in your existing production line. Have smaller volumes you would rather outsource to us? No problem. We are a real partner in production, and a true added value in your supply chain.

True Digital Freedom

Using an additive and digital production method that can work with highly viscous materials grants the ability to print over uneven, conformal surfaces, and to make on-the-fly changes to designs with no need to change equipment.

Why Choose Additive? Why Choose Us?

By applying additive manufacturing in your production process, you ensure little to no waste is produced, leaving you with an eco-friendly, clean process. By choosing Keiron, you additionally benefit from an extremely versatilescalable, and cost-effective solution, pioneering in the laser-assisted fabrication of interconnects for microdevices.

Digital Flexibility

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Our technology can translate your digital designs to real components and products without the need for a mask, reducing your costs, as well as your lead times significantly. This makes the technology extra suitable for small series, in which your design changes between batches.

The laser is capable of printing highly viscous materials, which enables you to print over conformal and rough surfaces including corners and channels within a printable area, making it a versatile process that can be used from various points in your chain of manufacturing.


Incredible Speeds

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The laser-assisted equipment makes use of a scanner, meaning the deposition process is not limited by mechanical components that require to move such as with nozzle-based technologies.

Where most printers require multiple nozzles to reach an acceptable printing speed, the research setup Keiron currently uses can already exceed linear writing speeds of 5 meters per second and over 10,000 dots per second. These speeds are expected to multiply in the future, meaning this technology has an incredible potential for scaling.

Multiple Materials

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The laser-assisted production equipment can theoretically deposit almost any material, on any substrate. Our current knowledge of the process allows us to print various conductive adhesives and pastes, using a single laser by merely changing the carrying substrate.

This allows you to, without the need of changing equipment or components, print and stack multiple layers of varying materials, including insulators, on top of each other. As such, the technology could print various components or products from scratch, without the need for different types of equipment.

Accurate & Reproducible

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With our partner TNO Holst Centre having over 10 years of experience with this laser technology, the reproducibility, and accuracy of this laser-assisted system is great, meaning it can be used in applications and products where the deviation between units cannot or can only minimally vary.

Implementing our Technology

Be among the pioneers of your industry by implementing our simple, laser-assisted process that can help you scale up production tenfold sustainably. By working with Keiron, you ensure access for your company to a novel technology with an enormous potential that can take over the world of printed electronics and beyond.

 The benefits of working with Keiron summarized:

  • Printing over uneven surfaces with stunning resolutions
  • Speeds of printing that are unchallenged in the industry
  • Eco-friendly, additive technology requiring no masks
  • Reduced lead times and operational costs
  • Digital and on-the-fly changes to designs
  • Multi-material compatible process

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