The New Printing Standard

Laser-Induced Forward Transfer

Proven with over 10 years of research at TNO Holst Centre, you will enjoy the benefits of conventional printing methods with remarkable improvements in speed and flexibility.

Credits to: Holst Centre

Printing speed

LIFT can reach printing speeds of over 1,000,000 dots per second. A speed that is unchallenged by other methods.

Layer Thickness and Stacking

Stack a wide variety of materials on top of each other, and create single layers of 0.5 micron and above with a single pass.

Ink Viscosities

Our technology can work with a wide viscosity ranging between 0.5 and 200 Pa·s allowing highly viscous printing.

Dynamic Resolution

We have the ability to reach high resolutions starting at 35 micron up to millimeters in line width.

Digital Process

Like an inkjet printer our equipment grants you digital control of the patterns you wish to deposit.

Topography Compatible

LIFT is a non-contact solution that enables you to print over uneven surfaces and components enabling new form factors.

Laser-Induced Forward Transfer Schematic 3D

How LIFT Works – Simplified

In the LIFT process, a transparent carrier substrate is comparable to a cartridge that holds the ink or paste you wish to print. This ink has been applied to the carrier to create a homogenous layer from which we can accurately deposit droplets to form complete digital patterns.

The carrier will turn to face the product, component, or substrate you want to print on. By focusing a laser on this substrate, a tiny gas pocket expands through which the push mechanism we print with is established. The jet guides the material down to its target location and leaves the desired amount of ink. This process reinitiates tens to hundreds of thousands of times within seconds to rapidly print any desired structure of varying thicknesses.

Laser Module for LIFT Laser Induced Forward Transfer

Everything You Need


Whether it is for prototyping purposes or high mix applications, LIFT has you covered on all fronts.


Printing 100,000-1,000,000 of droplets with a single printhead offers a scalability yet unchallenged.

New Form factors

Being a non-contact solution, LIFT allows creating next-generation products with improved performance.

High Resolution Printing

LIFT can print fine lines and structures allowing for miniaturization of components and products.

Improved Aspect Ratios

Printing thick layers and stacking them helps in achieving aspect ratios you require for your application.

Get rid of the waste

 Our technology is an additive printing method that does not require you to produce masks for new projects.

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