The New Printing Standard for Conductive Lines

Keiron is bringing a novel, laser-assisted deposition system to the market for printed electronics. It has the capability to print highly viscous, conductive adhesives such as Copper and Silver, with high resolutions of 35 microns and up.

Speed. Precision. Flexibility.

We leverage various advantages over conventional methods of printing. Being a maskless and contactless deposition technique, our technology is capable of printing highly viscous inks and pastes over uneven surfaces of any material.

Printing Resolution

With our current setup, we can reach and have demonstrated lines with a width of 35 microns and thickness of 1 micron and above. Our development will drive these numbers further down for more precise applications.

Direct Writing Speed

The laser-assisted technology is not limited by the movement of mechanical components and can potentially reach writing speeds of over 1,000,000 dots per second. The scaling potential is unchallenged by others.

Printing Over Geometries

The technology can work with high viscous materials and print conductive lines over and across uneven, conformal surfaces. Due to this feature, we can stack multiple layers on top of each of varying materials.

Designing Products and Components

Adjust Designs On-The-Fly with No Downtime

With Keiron’s additive and digital production equipment, you are enabled to make changes to your designs as you go, without the need to make or order new masks. This reduces the cost and time required to create your product.

Enables A High Level of Customization

Cost-effective Solution for Small or Single Batches

Superior Manufacturing Technology

The technology Keiron implements in its equipment is backed by over 10 years of research at TNO Holst Centre, which has contributed to the state of the art we use today. Let us sum up some of the most significant benefits:

High Speed Printing

Our printing speeds ensure you will deal with a future proof solution that can easily be scaled up even further.

Design Flexibility

You are enabled to print over any material and surface, both flat and uneven, and can change your design at any time.

Material Flexibility

Print conductors, insulators, and other commercially available inks and pastes with highly viscous contents.

Grow and Scale Up with Us

Printing Services and Equipment Provider

Keiron Printing Technologies can be your production partner, offering R&D and small batch printing services in the near future. Further down the line, you can install one of our machines / printing heads at your location!

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