Laser-Induced Forward Transfer

The Tech That Powers Our Equipment

This page explains the basic principles of our core technology and its benefits. On the right, you can see a 3D animation illustrating the printing mechanism. Our equipment behaves differently from this illustration and tackles the scalability questions.

Credits to: Holst Centre

The Benefits of Our Technology

High Productivity

LIFT can reach printing speeds of over 27,000,000 dots per second. A speed that is unchallenged by other methods.

Non-contact Printing

Apply the minimal amount of mechanical stress to your boards, thanks to the non-contact nature of the technology.

Industry Standard Pastes

Continue working with your standard pastes. Our team is always busy qualifying the materials you’re familiar with.

Dynamic Volumes

You can print different volume amounts with a single tool. This enables you to mount both small and large components.

Digital Printing Process

The technology’s flexibility allows you to print any design with no additional setup time. Digital printing at its best.

Easy Layer Stacking

Print additional layers on top of each other or components. This makes the technology suitable for packaging applications.

Laser-Induced Forward Transfer Schematic 3D

How LIFT Works – Simplified

Before depositing solder paste, we must coat it on top of a transparent carrier. In our lab, this can be a glass plate. For our machines, we designed an automated and continuous material feeder.

We place this carrier below the laser, ensuring the material is now facing the PCB we want to print on. Our equipment provides the optimal printing conditions for your desired output.

By focusing a laser on the top layer of the solder paste, a gas pocket is created. This ‘bubble’ pushes and jets the material downward. Once it makes contact, the jet breaks and leaves a solder ball.

The material’s properties and temperature are left unchanged during this process. So you do not have to worry about stress from heat to either the board or materials.

Laser Module for LIFT Laser Induced Forward Transfer

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