A Novel Laser Technology for Printed Electronics

The direct-write technology integrated with our equipment has the potential to replace many of the production methods we know today. Contact us directly and talk to one of our experts to find out more about how we can help you.

Speed. Precision. Flexibility.

We leverage various advantages over inkjet- and screen printing. Unlike inkjet, Keiron equipment requires no change of nozzles and does not clog, while, unlike screen printing, our process is contactless, maskless, and able to print over conformal surfaces.

Printing Resolution

With our current setup, we can reach and have demonstrated lines with a width of 25 microns and thickness of 1 micron and above. Our development will drive these numbers further down for more precise applications.

Direct Writing Speed

The laser-assisted machine is not limited by the movement of mechanical components in its core process and can already reach writing speeds of over 5 meters per second. The scaling potential is unchallenged by others.

Printing in 2.5/3D

The technology can work with high viscous materials and print conductive lines over and across uneven, conformal surfaces. Multiple layers of varying materials can stack on top of each other, allowing for complex designs.

Designing Products and Components

Upload and Adjust Designs, On-The-Fly, Any Time

With Keiron’s additive and digital production equipment, you are enabled to make changes to your designs as you go, without the need to make or order new masks. This reduces the cost and time required to create your product.

Helps Reducing your Lead Times Significantly

Cost-effective with Small- and Medium Size Batches

Superior Manufacturing Technology

The technology Keiron implements in its equipment has been researched and further developed by TNO Holst Centre, where years of experience have contributed to the state of the art we use today. We sum up for you the most significant benefits of our technology:

Incredible Speeds

Future scaling potential of multiple meters per second.

Design Flexibility

Printing on any substrate / surface and changing designs as you go.

Material Flexibility

Deposit multiple materials with no need to change nozzles or masks.

Curing Ability

Deposit and sinter the material with one piece of equipment.

Grow and Scale Up with Us

Printing Services and Specialized Equipment

Keiron Printing Technologies can be your production partner, offering R&D and small batch printing services. In the future, you can install one of our machines at your location!

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