Depositing Any Material on Any Substrate - We Can Do It!

With Keiron’s new direct-write manufacturing machine, the electronics industry is enabled with state-of-the-art additive technology capable of depositing a wide range of materials on high resolutions. 

Innovate with Keiron and be among the first to implement this emerging technology within your industry.

Emerging Technology

Direct-write technology that beats existing methods of production on the market, with superior flexibility, speeds and resolutions.

Capable of printing almost any material, including bio-materials, conductive adhesives, electronics, metals, and more. Get in contact with us and find out what our technology could mean for you.

Grow Together

Develop your product as we develop ours, and ensure you are among the first to implement a new standard for micro manufacturing.

You will benefit a competitive advantage as an early adopter of our machine, with a tool that suits your production needs.


Jimmy Sy-A-Chin

Marco van Hoorn

Stefan van Waalwijk van Doorn

Prakhyat Hejmady
Product Innovation Manager

Richard Visser
Management Mentor

Your partner in development

We know the process of finding the right formula for your product can be expensive and time consuming. Keiron can help your business in prototyping, while a machine is developed which will enable you to mass-manufacture your desired product in the future.

Unlock new innovations

Scale up your newest ideas and innovations, using incredibly flexible technology that will allow you to manufacture almost any material on any substrate. Break yesterday’s limitations and produce what is necessary tomorrow!


Set the Standard Together with Us

We are setting new standards for additive micro manufacturing, which will greatly impact multiple industries around the globe. We are looking for innovative development partners and investors that are ready to take the next step with us.

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