Printing Electronics with The Speed of Light

Keiron Printing Technologies is bringing a digital, additive manufacturing method to the markets of printed electronics. Metal and insulating inks and pastes can be printed over flat and uneven surfaces using the power of lasers.

Why Choose Additive? Why Choose KEIRON?

Keiron’s digital printing method is the Usain Bolt of manufacturing electronic interconnects, allowing you to make on-the-fly changes to designs and requiring no mask, leaving you with the most cost-effective and flexible solution for your foundry.

Digital Flexibility

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Being an additive and digital printing method, our equipment requires no mask and leaves you with the opportunity to print small batches cost-effectively.

That is not all, because since we use a laser, we can print over corners and uneven surfaces, granting you what we call: True Digital Freedom.


Incredible Speeds

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Since our core technology is not limited by the movement of mechanical components, our linear writing speeds can exceed 5 meters per second, and with over 10,000 dots per second.

Multiple Materials

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Various materials (e.g. Platinum, Gold, Silver, Copper) can be printed and cured locally using one piece of equipment, offering you a multi-purpose solution.

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We are currently developing tooling and equipment, but are capable of validating and testing your products and applications.


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