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Printed Electronics

The new standard for printing highly viscous inks. KEIRON features spectacular resolutions, printing speeds, and enables you to print over complex products and surface areas.

Laser Induced Forward Transfer

Our equipment is based on LIFT technology, which is a printing process that uses a laser instead of a nozzle. We transfer functional materials from a transparent carrier onto your product. KEIRON specializes in printing metals such as Copper and Silver.

Highly Viscous Inks

LIFT can print highly viscous materials, improving the aspect ratio of your final lines.


Our process can deposit over both flat and uneven surfaces to enable new product form factors.

World-Class Productivity

With the ability of printing 1,000,000 dots per second, our equipment brings the best of conventional printing methods in a single package. KEIRON offers a digital, high-speed manufacturing equipment that can work with highly viscous contents.

High Printing Speeds

Unrivaled deposition speeds with the possibility to scale up even further if necessary.

Digital Process

Our equipment does not require a mask to operate saving you time and money for changes.

Our Equipment and Services

We understand the challenges that come with innovation. Keiron Printing Technologies offers feasibility studies and R&D projects to validate the LIFT process for your engineering challenges, and will develop and deliver equipment tailored to your needs.

Feasibility Studies

Quickly validate whether LIFT can solve your current and future product challenges.

Prototyping Services

Have us produce some prototypes for tests or showcases and get familiar with KEIRON.

Small Batch Volumes

Not yet producing millions of pieces? No problem. We are your outsourcing partner!

Integrated Equipment

Integrate KEIRON equipment in your production lines to enable high throughput printing.


Deposit a wide range of materials with a single piece of equipment and stack them in layers.

Unlimited Potential

We already beat the standard and will strive to continue improving for future applications.

Take the next step with us!

Set up a short-term feasibility study with KEIRON and find out whether our technology can solve the challenges you are facing. It takes only a few seconds to leave your contact details.

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