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Keiron Printing Technologies develops next-gen additive manufacturing equipment for the production of (printed) electronics. The core laser technology that is in the machine enables its users to deposit conductive traces with the speed of light, and has no issues with conformal surfaces granting you what we call; Real Digital Freedom!


An Ambitious Equipment and Print Services Startup

With activities ranging from small-scale printing services, research and development, as well as specialized equipment development, our core business is solving printed electronics challenges. KEIRON wants to become the ASML of Printed Electronics!

True Digital Freedom without The Speed Trade-off


Our core technology was developed at TNO Holst Centre and is capable of printing highly viscous materials on any surface with speeds of over 1,000,000 dots per second and allows you to make digital and on-the-fly changes to designs.

A Real Partner in Production

We understand that demands can shift, and being able to answer them reliably is incredibly important. Keiron is a true added value in your supply chain, helping you in every phase of your product development and market rollout.

Where it started

The team of Keiron met each other during the summer of 2019, at one of HighTechXL’s FasTrackathon events. Being strangers from one another, there was a shared ambition for each participant around the table: To leave an impact on the world with technology.

Being exposed to brilliant technology developed at TNO Holst Centre, we concluded rather quickly that there was a lot of value to offer in the field of printed electronics. Shortly after, we found various applications in which our technology could be an enabler. The name Keiron, originating from Chiron (Centaur of medicine), came to existence through our application in medtech.

Our core technology is particularly strong printing electronic circuits from varying materials: Copper, Silver, Gold, and Platinum electrodes, each with their respective benefits and characteristics. Seen the flexibility of the technology, we saw a solution for the integration of electrodes on medtech devices.

We have since then realized there is a lot more value for Keiron to create in the field of printed electronics, where applications have just yet started surfacing, and where we expect a sustainable, cost-effective solution like our own can be a real game-changer.

Being one of the pioneers in the field of laser-assisted production equipment, the future of electronics seems to be coming at the speed of light and is brighter than ever.

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Jimmy Sy-A-Chin

Chief Executive Officer

Stefan van Waalwijk

Chief Technology Officer

Marco van Hoorn

Chief Commercial Officer

Prakhyat Hejmady

Chief Operations Officer

Richard Visser


Joey van Mol

Engineering Intern

Matthijs Bekkers

Marketing Intern

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